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Competency by what design? Exploring the impact of integrated instruction on procedural skills transfer 

PI: Brydges, R.

Collaborators: Cheung J; Kulasegaram, K.M; Woods N; Moulton C; Devine L

Granting Agency: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada/Associated Medical Services, Medical Education Research Grant

Competition Year/Month: 2017/01

Amount: $24,980 CAD

Term: 1yr 


MedStopper. Reducing post-discharge adverse drug events among the elderly: a multi-centre electronic deprescribing intervention

PI: Lee, T.C ; McDonald, E. G.

Collaborators: Bonnici, A; Buckeridge, DL; Cassels, AK; Cavalcanti, RB; Detsky, AS; Downar, J; Fabreau, G; Forster, AJ; Khan, NA; Maclure, M; MacMillan, TE; Mcalister, FA; Mccormack, JP; Minty, E; Palepu, A; Papillon-Ferland, L; Pilote, L; Saleh, RR; Whitty, RE; Wu, R.

Granting Agency: Canadian Frailty Network (TVN), Transformative Grant Program

Amount: $1,000,000 CAD

Term: 1yr 


Defining Entrustable Professional Activities for Procedural Skills

PI: Pugh, D

Co-Investigators: I.Ma; R.B Cavalcanti; D. Shanks; M.Mylopulos; L.Stroud; S. Halman

Granting Agency: The Medical Council of Canada, Research in Clinical Assessment Grant Competition

Amount: $35,693 CAD

Term: 1yr

Residents’ perceptions of the credibility of feedback providers during a formative OSCE: Effects of examiner type

Co-PI: Stroud, L; Cavalcanti, R.B

Co-Investigators: McDonald-Blumer, H; Richardson, D; Sibbald, M

Granting Agency: Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Education Research and Scholarship Grant

Amount: $6,998 CAD

Term: 1yr

Development of a point-of-care ultrasound based thoracentesis training module for us in Just-In-Time simulation

Co-PI: Kaplovitch, E; Otremba, M; Devine, L

Granting Agency: University of Toronto, Office of Integrated Medical Education. Summer Student Program

Amount: $2,500 CAD

Term: 1yr


Defining Entrustable Professional Activities for Procedural Skills

PI: Pugh, D

Co-Investigators: I.Ma; R.B Cavalcanti; D. Shanks; M.Mylopoulos; L.Stroud

Granting Agency: University of Ottawa, DIME/AIME Health Professions Education Grant

Amount: $20,000 CAD

Term: 1yr

Just-in-Time Procedural Simulation Program

Co-PI: Otremba, M; Devine, L

Granting Agency: Mount Sinai Hospital Innovation in Education Award

Amount: $10,000 CAD

Term: 1yr


Numbers and Narratives: Examining the effects of two-types of structured feedback on internal medicine residents’ recall of the feedback and subsequent generation of learning goals

Co-PI: Stroud, L; Cavalcanti, R.B.

Collaborators: Sibbald, M; MacDonald-Blumer, H; Brydges, R; Eva, K.  

Granting Agency: University of Toronto’s Department of Medicine. Education Research and Scholarship Grant

Amount: $10,086 CAD

Term: 1yr


Mastery Learning of Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Medical Emergencies

PI: Devine, L. 

Co-Investigators: Issenberg, B; Cavalcanti, R.B.

Granting Agency: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Medical Education Research Grants

Amount: $45,000 CAD

Term: 2yr


At the point of care: A competency-based curriculum and assessment for Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Core Internal Medicine

Co-PI: Slaughter, G; Mourad, G.

Co-Investigators: Frost, D; Ailon, J; Cavalcanti, R.B; Stroud, L; Wong, B.M; Cheung, M.C; Chenkin, J. 

Granting Agency: Education Development Fund, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto 

Amount: $9,992 CAD

Term: 2yr

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