CEEP Rounds 


Toronto Western Hospital

 East Wing 8-481 | 12-1pm  

Fellows' Research in Progress Rounds 

Dr James Rassos, Clinical Assistant, Division of GIM, UHN-SHS

Perceptions of Near-Peer Feedback in Internal Medicine: Entrustable Professional Activities as a Model" 

Dr Alison Lai, PGY5,General Internal Medicine Training Program, UofT

Clinician-Scholar Fellow, The HoPingKong Centre

What influences our conversations about goals of care? 

November 7, 2019

Research in Progress Rounds 

Dr Arnav Agarwal & Eshita Kapoor, CC4, University of Toronto 

Clerks as Teachers: Near-Peer Tutoring Program 

Dr Ryan Luther, Clinical Assistant, Division of GIM, UHN-SHS 

Clinician-Scholar Fellow, The HoPingKong Centre 

Designing structured assessment data reports for competency based promotion decisions using a validity lens 

September 13, 2019 

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