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Clinician-Scholar Fellowship

The HoPingKong Centre’s Fellowship Program was developed to support future clinician-scholars in General Internal Medicine to pursue advanced training and to promote implementation of practice-oriented initiatives.  The Centre’s focused areas of concentration include: simulation, clinical reasoning, assessment, medical humanities, quality improvement, and new and emerging areas of interest in GIM/education.

 "... I was introduced to a true community of practice.  A community of corridor consults, morning reports filled with cryptic clues and jeopardy games that cultivated the art of bedside teaching, and a real collective interest in the art of medicine that was inspiring.  It inspired me and opened my eyes to the wonderful complexity of Internal Medicine, the art of making a diagnosis and the science behind medical education as a field ... I felt welcomed and engaged in a community, and that gave me a sense of belonging and identity"

Former Clinician-Scholar Fellow 

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