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Collaborate with Us 

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The HoPingKong Centre (CEEP) is committed to participating in collaborative projects that help further its mission. The Centre is particularly interested in collaborations that support clinician educators in implementing projects that apply technology to teaching the art of medicine. Potential collaborators should focus on projects that foster excellence in practice based education and that help further the science of medical education. The details below aim to outline the principles and decision making process for collaborative projects involving the Centre.


To achieve international impact in practice-oriented medical education by focusing on:
 - Transforming medical education through development and dissemination of innovative educational programs
 - Attracting, training and recruiting clinician-educators in General Internal Medicine that will be future leaders in academic medicine


Applications of technology in teaching the art of medicine, using of new educational tools (eg simulation) to improve teaching of core clinical skills especially as it pertains to:
 - Diagnostic reasoning

 - Bedside procedural skills
 - Empathy and communication skills



Available resources:

 - Mentorship within the field of medical education for clinician-teachers and educators

 - Skilled structured support for research question and method development

 - Access to high and low fidelity simulators when available


 - Projects address at least one if not both components of the mission statement in an area of interest above

 - Participation within our community of practice through engagement of Centre members and attending CEEP Education Rounds 

 - Clearly defined scholarly outputs (i.e. papers or programs) with academic merit 

 - Acknowledgement of Centre support within academic outputs, and involvement of one Centre core member as a coauthor


 - Submission  a brief project description of 1 paragraph explaining its relevance to our areas of interest and mission

 - Submissions which fit within our mission will result in an invitation to present the project during bi-monthly CEEP Education Rounds to raise awareness, develop support among members and aid proposal refinement to maximize scholarship value

 - A revised 1 page proposal should be submitted. Proposals will be discussed at the Centre's Executive Committee Meeting to help manage resource availability and needs

 - Projects in process presented at CEEP Education Rounds

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