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Selected Grants

Promoting educational scholarship, with a focus on projects that foster excellence in practice based education and that help further the science of medical education.



MedSafer. Reducting post-discharge adverse drug events amongst the elderly: a multi-centre electronic deprescribing intervention

Principal Investigators: Lee, T.C.; McDonald, E.G. 

Co-Investigators: Bonnici, A; Buckeridge, D.L; Cassels, A.K; Cavalcanti, R.B; Detsky, A.S; Downar, J; Fabreau, G; Forster, A.J; Khan, N.A; Maclure, M; Macmillan, T.E; Mcalister, F.A; Mccormack, J.P; Minty, E; Palepu, A; Papillon-Ferland, L; Pilote, L; Saleh, R.R; Whitty, R.E; Wu, R.

Granting Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) 

Amount: $1,662,789 CAD

Term: 3yrs 

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